Cover Reveal ~ Leather and Lace by J.A. Fredericks

Leather & Lace: Inferno Glory MC by: J.A. Fredericks
Contemporary erotica
July 2015

The day Harley Sonnick is released from
a three year prison sentence for a crime she didn’t willingly commit, she
returns to the only family she has left—the Inferno Glory MC. But the club’s
president isn’t ready to forgive her for past sins and turns her away, forcing
her to trust in a new club member who’s arguably the sexiest man she’s ever
laid eyes on.

Colt Sawyer, a young military veteran like the other MC members, is elusive and
doesn’t have much to do with the women throwing themselves at him until Harley
comes riding into his life on her own motorcycle. Together with his best friend
and fellow MC member Ranger, Colt will do everything in his power to remind
Harley what it’s like to be pleasured by a man and make her feel at home
despite the reluctance of the MC.

Things take an unexpected turn when Harley’s worldly possessions are ripped
away, forcing her to rethink her future. But she isn’t a pathetic princess in
need of saving and is reluctant to accept help. Prison made her hard, forcing
her to guard her feelings at all costs. So when dark, blue eyed Colt does
inexplicable things to both her body and heart, she’s forced down a dark path
of passion and desire that threatens all the safeguards she’s set in

Fourth shot of Jack
held in the air, I salute the guys. The brown liquid sloshes over the side. “I
hope you boys like what I’m wearing because I’ll be wearing it for a looong
fucking time. I’m brokety-broke.”
“We’ll get you new
clothes,” Colt growls, prying the shot glass from my hand. “Whatever you need,
darlin.’ You let us know and we’ll take care of it.”
I ogle him for a
long moment, wondering how he’s even sexier when I’m fueled with booze. Now
that I have liquid courage, it’d be easier to finally get a taste of his
splendid mouth and run my tongue all over his giant muscles.
Shaking the
thoughts from my head, I release a nasally laugh. “Could you get me a new life?
‘Cause I fucked mine up.
Royally.” Swiping the shot back from Colt, I
slurp it down in one swallow. “More shots!” I call to the bartender, slamming
the empty glass on the wooden bar top.
“No, we’re good,
Christine,” Colt tells the surly, old woman behind the bar. She shakes her head
and leaves us to attend to the only other patron drinking before noon.
“You’re young,
Harley,” Ranger says from Colt’s other side, drinking from his glass of
whiskey. “Whatever happened, you’ve got time to bounce back.”
“Bounce back?” I
ask with a hiccup. “Kinda hard to bounce back without a cent to my name and a
I study the two hunks with the only eye that will stay open. They’re
collectively so damn hot I’m ready to take them both on the bar-top. “Either of
you boys have a record? And I don’t mean the kind that go round and round.”
Colt’s brows knit
together. “You’ve done time?”
“Three years, just
got out yesterday.” They may as well know the whole truth about me if Remmy
hasn’t told them already. “It’s the reason I’m homeless and family-less and
completely without anyone who could give a fuck about me.” I turn to rest my
elbow on the bar, but miss and about topple off the stool while laughing my ass
off. “And now I don’t even have any underwear! Can you fuckin’ believe that?”
Colt rises and
hooks his arm around my waist. “Time to get you out of here.” He hoists me over
his shoulder so my jean-clad ass is in the air.
“Put me the fuck
down!” I yell, beating my fists against the back of his leather coat and
kicking my legs through the air. “You can’t just fuckin’ man-handle people like
Ignoring my best
efforts, Colt laughs as he slaps a hand-full of bills on the bar. “Thanks,
Christine. Ranger, let’s roll.”
“Be there in a
minute, hoss,” Ranger answers, chuckling.
I fight Colt the
whole way to the pickup where he dumps my ass on the seat like a sack of
potatoes before sliding in next to me. When I swing my fist at him, he wrestles
me down onto my back, pinning my arms at my sides with one arm braced across my
body. His beautiful eyes are hard as he hovers over me, using his free hand to
flip his hair behind an ear. “Stop fightin’ me darlin,’” he breaths heavily,
our lips enticingly close. “You may think nobody gives a fuck, but I
and I’m here for you.”
Frozen by the
enduring look he’s giving me, I become limp beneath him and inhale his enticing
scent. Then the exquisite cock I got a preview of earlier stirs to life between
us, locking my breath in my chest. His grip around my wrists loosens as the
expression on his face morphs into something raw and primal that does
unexplainable things to my insides.
Oh god. I’ve never
wanted someone this way.
Just as I bite my
lip with the thought of bringing my mouth up to meet his, the driver’s door
creaks opens behind me. “You two need alone time?” Ranger asks, his voice wavering
with amusement.
The kind of phenomenal sexy smile that
could impregnate a virgin spreads across Colt’s lips and he laughs, sky-blue
eyes still staring down on me. “Let’s go get this girl some new panties.”


J.A. Fredericks is a contemporary and paranormal erotica author who
adores sexy stories with ghosts, vampires, tattooed bikers, and anything hot
that likes to bite. Previously published several other YA paranormal novels,
but ready to crank up the steam and going stealth mode under a pen name.

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