We are two friends that live next door to each other and share a love of all things books, boys and Bridger street. We’ve been neighbors and friends for seven years and discovered a mutual love of books.

Meet the Bitches

Sophie aka #1 Bitch

tumblr_static_9dlz4739iww08c0wccosc4o4wHello, my name is Sophie.  I am a thirty something (alright I’m closer to 40 than I am 30 but who’s counting) California girl,  married, working mom of one amazing 7 year old boy. I have been reading my whole life and do not remember a time without a book in my hand. I am now proud to say I have passed this trait on to my son 🙂  Its so exciting to see his love of books grow.  I wanted to start blogging over the last year because of all of the amazing books that I have had the opportunity to read due to the growing Indie market and social media.   My best friend (the other Bitch) and I are constantly talking about books and driving our husbands mad when they catch us all curled up in bed together (get your mind out of the gutter, it was totally innocent) reading our Kindles.  They do not understand why we need to be together in the same room while reading.  They are boys, what can I say, but we love them anyway. Oh and Kindle on my phone, best invention ever!!  I don’t know if my boss feels the same way, but I swear I can work and read at the same time! I hope you enjoy the reviews and I look forward to connecting with all of you!

#2 Bitch Harper

tumblr_m8bk6nVmFb1ranie3o1_500Hello, my name is Harper. I am 28 years old (Yes, I am the baby of the group) California girl, married, working mom to a momma’s boy and a very independent daughter 🙂 Once I grew up, got married and moved on Bridger Street I found my sistas’ from another motha! I never thought moving to start my own family would take me on a path to meet 2 of the greatest people I know! Most people don’t get along with their neighbors and here I am making Best Friends out of mine! (I know you’re jealous, hehe)

Growing up I wasn’t big on reading (actually hated it, I know what was I thinking?!?!)

Now these 2 Bitches on the other hand have always loved reading (I gave them so much shit for it).  Eventually I started getting caught up in their conversations about Book Boyfriends and I got intrigued. I wanted to read about Rock stars, Millionaires, all of these sexy men!?! So for the past year I have been HOOKED!

Our husbands think we are crazy. Hanging out to us normally ends up meaning. Lights out, blankets on, cuddle up with our Kindles! Soon enough you will hear a laugh from one Bitch and then a sniffle from another then the last one yelling “What, there is no way that is the ending!! When does the next book come out??” (Cliffhangers will be the death of me one day!)

We review the books to with each other and figured hey, let’s help these authors out and spread the word to others about how great their books are. Can’t wait to start a fabulous relationship with all of you! Let the reviewing begin!!


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