Cover Reveal ~ This Regret by Victoria Ashley

This regret HD ebook cover

Cover by CT Cover Creations



Phoenix has been stumbling through life since her brother Adric’s tragic death but after eight years, she is finally piecing what remains together. She has a nice apartment, a steady job and not to mention a fresh new ‘relationship’ with her childhood friend, Kade Haze. He’s the sexy boy next door that she never even dreamed of falling for, but can’t seem to stop the pull she feels toward him.

Just when life began to make sense again and a feeling of normalcy was on the horizon, Phoenix’s carefully constructed walls come crashing down.

When walking into the tattoo shop one day, the last thing that she’s expecting to see is Kellan Haze, Adric’s best friend that no one has seen or heard from since the day that they found her brother’s body. He’s nothing as she remembers him as a child, with his wild messy hair, tattoos that cover most of his undeniably sexy body and eyes so intense that it makes her legs quiver with one look. The one thing that even she can’t deny is the instant rush that she feels just by being in his presence.

But how can you choose between love and lust when one of these hold a dark secret, one that can crush your world to pieces and leave you gasping for air. Who can you trust when your mind is pulling you in two different directions and your heart has to choose for you?

The Haze brothers are sexy, daring and possibly . . . dangerous.

This Regret is a story of love, lust, betrayal and danger with an ending that no one saw coming.



I sit there fighting to catch my breath as I watch him run his hands over his face before running his fingers through his hair, tugging it.

“That’s all I’ll ever be to you, isn’t it? Adric’s little sister,” I say stiffly. “I’m not a child anymore and I have taken more pain than you know. You think you’ve been hurting over the years, well fuck you Kellan because I’ve been hurting worse.” I stand up from the desk and pull my skirt down. I’m in so much heartache right now, especially after getting to feel those lips on mine, just to take the feeling away and never give it again. It hurts like hell, but I refuse to show it. “Oh and don’t ever kiss me again. I don’t think your brother would like his lips to be where yours has been.”

The look on his face is as if I’ve just slapped him. It’s the same look that Kade had given me when I called him by his brother’s name. I don’t even know why I just said what I said. Maybe I want to hurt him just as bad as he has hurt me over the years.

He rubs a hand over his mouth and looks me in the eye. “You’re right. I don’t think he would like that either.” He stares me in the eyes while walking over to stand in front of me. His eyes trail down to my lips as he speaks again. “But I think I fucking hate his lips on yours more.”

Before I can speak, his lips crush mine again as he backs me up against the wall. This time he doesn’t even ask for entrance, he just takes it. He places his hand on my chin and pushes my head back, causing me to gasp as he slips his tongue into my mouth. His tongue hungrily caresses mine and this time, I feel the coolness of the steel in his mouth as he swirls his tongue around mine, before sucking it into his mouth. “Fuck the rules and fuck what Kade wants. Here’s to making this day better. Today, you’re mine.”

I look at his mouth as he runs his tongue over his lip and looks me in the eye. “Kellan, you don’t have to-“

“Come with me,” he breathes. “I have places that I want to take you.”

His Adams apple bobs as he looks at me waiting for a response. “What about the party and your family?”

“Screw the party, Phoenix. This day is about you and being sure that you never have to suffer on this day again. Give me a chance to change your mind.”

He looks at me pleadingly and I can’t help but to give in. A part of me doesn’t even care where he’s taking me as long as I’m with him. “Okay, take me anywhere you want.”

I hope this is the right decision or I’m in for a world of hurt.


Meet Victoria

Facebook / Goodreads

Victoria Ashley grew up in Rockford, IL and has had a passion for reading for as long as she can remember. After finding a reading app where it allowed readers to upload their own stories, she gave it a shot and writing became her passion.

She lives for a good romance book with tattooed bad boys that are just highly misunderstood and is not afraid to be caught crying during a good read. When she’s not reading or writing about bad boys, you can find her watching her favorite shows such as, The Vampire Diaries, Dexter and True Blood.

She is the author of Wake Up Call and is currently working on her next book, This Regret releasing in February 2014.

Please check out her author page


This Regret HD paperback final cover

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Cover Reveal ~ Accepted Fate by Charisse Reid

Accepted Fate Cover



What do you do when everything you had planned out for yourself gets changed in one summer? Do you embrace the new or fight to keep things the same?

For seventeen year old Kinzleigh everything was going just as she always planned. She had great friends, went to a school she loved, and always knew she was destined for greatness. One step already completed towards acquiring the job she has forever dreamed of, a pro football cheerleader. Nothing and no one was going to stand in her way, especially not love. What she doesn’t expect is for her parents to suddenly change everything and send her spiraling into a life she didn’t want for herself, especially after meeting one blue eyed boy she can’t stop dreaming about. Her life is changing at every turn. She is learning that sometimes life has different plans than our own. When she finally accepts the hand fate has dealt, everything is ripped from her once again.

Can she accept the ugly fate that was chosen for her or will she fight to once again accept it.



I finally reach the end and sit, placing my legs over the side, but because
of my height they do not reach the water. The night begins to replay through my
thoughts. I can’t believe everything I’ve worked so hard for is crashing down
around me. Being squad captain of one of the top 5 squads in the country
guaranteed me a spot on almost any college in the country. Even if this Hicksville
town, Mississippi has a cheer leading squad, will they even have room for
another cheerleader? Do they even compete? Now, I’m going to have to work
harder just to get a tryout at the colleges I’m interested in.

Why would my parents just pick up and move us when I have one year of
high school left? How do they expect me to just leave everything I know behind
and start over? I have friends here, family, that has to mean something to them.
This isn’t fair. Maybe I can think of a way to stay behind. I just have to. My
parents have got to understand what this will do to me. I just want to wake up
and realize this is all a dream. All I can do is stare out at the ocean, lost in

All of my emotions finally catch up to me and the tears start to fall, heavier
this time. I can’t stop them anymore. I don’t know what to do. Everything was
going great in my life and now the misery is about to begin. I don’t even try to
wipe the tears away anymore, I just let them flow. I don’t understand out of all the
states in the continental U.S., why my parents have to choose some po-dunk
town in Mississippi. I can’t imagine the kind of people that reside there. After that
big hurricane, Katrina I think, they had people walking around barefooted and
missing teeth. Do they even have shopping malls and designer clothes, I wonder,
or is it full of trailer parks and cow fields. My stomach turns at the thought.
I’m not sure how long I’ve been sitting there, staring at the water, but my
back is beginning to hurt and I’m growing tired from crying, but the tears continue
to fall. I should just go home and go to bed, but I’m not ready to face my parents
yet. I lay back against the pier, looking into the sky. Its dark, but the sky is clear.
There is not a cloud for miles. It’s beautiful glancing out at all the stars, shining
brightly. It’s also a full moon tonight. A strange peacefulness begins to wash over
me, causing me to close my eyes. Clearly my mind is not in normal territory,
because I would never close my eyes late at night on a public beach. There are
too many creeps out there.

I couldn’t have been laying there but what seemed like a few minutes. I
must have dozed off when, “Mind if I join you,” flows through my ears in a deep,
raspy voice. My eyes pop open and a tall familiar face is standing over me,
looking down, with a smile on his face.

I begin to panic and sit up in a hurry, embarrassed. Embarrassment is a
rare trait for me and this guy has brought it out twice in one day. “I’m sorry, I don’t
usually do this, it’s been a bad night.” I look back out at the water, gripping the
side of the pier, as if the most beautiful boy isn’t standing behind me. Right then, I
can feel his breathing on the back of my neck, quickening my heart rate. In the
short time, he has managed to squat behind me, the inside of each knee resting
against my side.

He begins to whisper in my ear, “May I keep you company for a while? I’ll
be quiet if that’s what you need.” His breath is so light, it tickles my ear. I can
barely breath, let alone speak, so I just nod. My head is fuzzy and I can’t think
when he’s this close.

He sits beside me and removes his shoes, placing his feet in the water. I’m
finally able to exhale the breath I’ve been holding. “How long have you been
here?” I turn and glance at him, to find that he’s staring at me. I don’t know where
this guy is from, I don’t really care, but he’s gorgeous. I never take an interest in a
guy, it’s one of my few rules, but following rules have gotten me nowhere,
obviously. I’m not thinking clearly anyway, I guess I can break my rule and enjoy
his company for a while. He is leaving soon anyway and right now I need a
distraction from all this bad news.

He reaches out slowly, as if he’s afraid I’ll run away, placing his hand over
my cheek, rubbing his thumb underneath my eye, freeing it from the wetness of
the tears. Great, I have no idea what I look like right now. “I needed to clear my
head and came to the beach, I saw you standing by the water earlier, are you

My eyes close at the warmth from his hand. I should be mad he followed
me, but I can’t. I just want him near me, but no personal questions. I don’t need
him to know me or what makes me tick. I don’t need any complications. I open
my eyes to him staring at my lips. “Can we just exist together without trying to
obtain personal quota? Let’s just enjoy casual company, two people needing
nothing from each other. Clearly you’re not from here, meaning you’ll be gone
soon. I’m not one of those girls that needs or wants to know everything about you
nor do I want to spill my entire life to you. We don’t have to pretend with each
other, lets call this what it is. Can you do that?”

He just stares at me as if he’s trying to figure me out, like I’m a book full of
secrets. He seems lost in my eyes, amused, confused, I don’t know. We sit there
staring at each other as if we can’t pull away. He doesn’t say anything, just bites
his lip as if he’s trying to answer his own question, or to make a decision. I’m
about to get up and walk away, when his other hand reaches behind my neck,
pulling me closer. His lips stop in front of mine, close enough to touch, when he
whispers, “Beautiful,” and crashes his lips to mine.

His lips are so soft and full, but needy. His warm tongue slips through the
opening of my lips, requesting entry. Our tongues taste, touch, and dance
together. A moan, barely more than a whisper, escapes my lips. I run my hands
across his arms and up his neck, into the back of his hair. My heart is beating
wildly. Foreign emotions are running through my body. I have never felt this need
before, but it’s as if my body needs more. Suddenly, I feel like I need to cross my
legs from the spasms down below. What is he doing to me? What does this
mean? He turns, laying me against the pier. He has one hand on my waist, the
other beside my head, holding his weight above me, like when we were at the
beach. He continues to kiss me, taking my bottom lip into his mouth, lightly
sucking. He makes a low growling sound from his throat. I’m not sure why until I
feel his need pressed against the bottom of my belly, making my eyes go wide
from surprise. Oh no, I can’t go there. As if he can sense my panic, he stops. He
kisses me one last time softly and releases my lips.

He looks me in the eyes, a smile growing across his face. He brushes his
fingers through my hair, down my arm and grabs me by the hand, interlacing his
fingers with mine. “Nothing personal huh, I think I can do that.” His lips brush
mine quickly before he moves back to his spot of the pier, pulling me by my hand
to sit between his legs. “I promise I’ll be good for the rest of the night. I’ve just
wanted to do that all day.”

I’m completely and utterly speechless. I have no idea what I’m doing. I
never do reckless or unplanned things like this. I have no idea who this guy is,
really, and now I’m sitting on the pier making out with him. I really need to get my
head back in the game. I always think everything through before I make a
decision. Being around him takes away my ability to process. Right now there are
so many unknowns, but what I do know is that I’m not ready for it to end just yet.


Meet the Author

Charisse Author Pic

Facebook / Goodreads

Charisse Reid lives in the small town of Purvis, Mississippi. She is married with a
four year old daughter. She developed a love for reading through iBooks and
Kindle app, on her iPad, a year ago she never would have imagined. She loves
to escape for a while through the characters of a good romance. Any romance
will do, but she has developed a passion for indie authors. They seem to usually
develop the best stories in her opinion. Her personal favorite is Young Adult and
rocker romance. Got to love those tattooed bad boys right? She never would
have dreamed of writing until a fellow author friend mentioned she should try it
through editing a work in progress for her.
At first, she thought it was funny because editing was as close as she thought
she would get to the creative side of book writing, but then came up with a
storyline and decided to give it a shot. Now she absolutely loves to write and has
several books lined up that she cannot wait to share with the world.


Accepted Fate Jacket

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Blog Tour and Giveaway ~ Make Me by Amanda Heath



Make me, Channing. Make me fall. Push me, shove me, just make sure I get there.” I shout at him, taking a step back. His eyes clash with mine. I read the challenge there, making me take another step back.
He stalks the few steps to me and grabs my arms slamming his forehead down on mine, “I’ll make you.” His lips skim against mine as he continues to speak, “And I’ll be falling right there with you.”

Paisley Vaughn grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. After finding her mother dead from an overdose, Paisley and her baby sister are shipped off to live with her maternal grandparents.

She always knew they were rich, she just didn’t realize how rich they were. Now she’s being forced to go to a prestigious high school. One where the tuition is more money then she’s ever seen.

Thinking these rich kids are going to be snobbish and rude, she’s surprised to find the Vaughn name means she is untouchable. Well unless your name is Channing Southerland.

Paisley has to navigate her new life and all the new people in it. While her mother might have lied about her grandparents, no one is lying about Channing. He’s beautiful, mean, arrogant, and turning her on.

Before long a war is fought, leaving Paisley wondering if she’ll be ruined or made. Though she might just fall irrevocably in love.



Oh holy hell, Make Me by Amanda Heath is a must read.  I was sucked in from the very first word and was throwing my kindle at the end because I NEEDED more.  I devoured it in one sitting and could not be disturbed while reading it.  Life ceased to exist around me.  This is one of those guilty pleasure reads that I love so much.  It like reading a soap opera.  So many twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat just waiting for more.  I loved that Paisley was telling me the story.  It was almost like I was reading her diary.  I LOVED that and it worked well with this story.  Not everyone can pull that off.  I have found that when books are written this way that the consistancy is not always there but Amanda NAILED it.  I loved all of the characters in this book and can not wait to see where this series goes. Amanda can take it in so many directions and that totally excites me!!  I will say, the ending totally left me needing more and I cant wait until the next book is out.


♥ Sophie

Make Me Cover

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Teaser Picture

Blog Tour Teaser #1



“Do you really want me to fall for you?” I whisper.

He gets up from the ground and runs his fingers through his hair. He seems frustrated but I don’t know why. “That’s what I want,” he whispers also. Looking back at me. I can’t see his eyes from here but I know what they look like. Full of fear and uncertainly. “I’m scared though. I’ve never been in a serious relationship. And I really don’t want to fuck this up.”

I’m scared too. Sometimes he consumes my thoughts and that was before I knew how he felt. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be with him and I screw up. But I know that I want to fall for him. I know deep in my soul that I will never have a love in my life like I would with Channing.

And that’s the scariest thought I’ve ever had.

“I don’t know if that’s what I want,” I tell him looking away.

He runs his fingers through his hair yet again. “Paisley, don’t fuck with my head. I’ve had enough of that in my life. I can’t do crazy bitches anymore.”

I flinch with the comparison to his mother. To my mother. “I’m not fucking with your head. Maybe we shouldn’t do this.”

I can see he’s pissed now. He’s unable to see my fear that I’m trying to push him away, like he was trying to push me away. “Stop. The. Fucking. Head. Games!” he yells, taking a deep breath after each word.

“I’m not!” I yell back. Who knows what the truth is anymore. I’ve been screwed by a lot of people, but I’m still here. I wouldn’t survive being fucked over by Channing. I wouldn’t survive him breaking my heart.

“Dammit Paisley! Open your fucking eyes! This is fucking real. You and me, that’s real. What we feel isn’t a fling. I’ve never felt this way about anyone in my life. Don’t take it from me,” his voice is pleading.

My body breaks out in a cold sweat and I wipe my palms on my leggings. My limbs shake and I don’t know if I’m mad or just plain fucked up. Maybe it’s me with the commitment issues. No, I know it is me. So I do something for myself, I let go of that fear. Though it comes out more like anger.

“Make me, Channing. Make me fall. Push me, shove me, just make sure I get there,” I shout at him, taking a step back. His eyes clash with me. I read the challenge there, making me take another step back.

He stalks the few steps to me and grabs my arms slamming his forehead down on mine. “I’ll make you.” His lips skim against mine as he continues to speak. “And I’ll be falling right there with you.”


Meet Amanda


Facebook / Goodreads / Blog / Amazon

I live in southern Arkansas with my husband and young daughter. There is also an insane Boston Terrier running around. I’ve always been a lone wolf and find my friends in books. I started writing at a young age and I haven’t stopped since. Most days you can find me either glued to my laptop or my kindle. My first novel, This Beautiful Thing was an Amazon best seller for 11 weeks and a year later I’m still tickled to see people enjoy it. I may not be a huge seller but I have the best fans ever and I thank God everyday for every single one of them.



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Cover Reveal ~ Renegade Lady by Dawn Martens and Emily Minton


Renegade Lady E-Book Cover

Renegade Lady
Renegade Sons MC #1
By- Dawn Martens & Emily Minton
Genre- Adult Romance
Expected Publication Date- January 30th, 2014

Jenna “Ice” Chandler grew up as part of a motorcycle club. She considered it her home, until one wrong move made it her prison. After months of abuse, she is rescued by Chipper, who takes her to Big Clifty, Missouri, home of the Renegade Sons MC.
Kiddrick “Kidd” Jones is the president of the Renegades. He knows there is something special about Ice the moment his older brother, Chipper, brings her into the club, but stays away, because she is too young.
When time comes for Ice to take her place in the club, she has two choices, become an old lady or a club whore. Not believing in love and knowing a man can never be faithful, she decides to earn her spot on her back.  
With each passing year, Kidd’s feelings for Ice grows and the urge to make her his becomes stronger. Frustrated and jealous, he finally decides it’s time to claim her as his own.
Will Ice finally thaw out and give love a chance, or is Kidd fighting a losing battle?

About the Authors-
Dawn Martens: I’m Dawn. I co-wrote a two books (Chase and Kade) with fellow author Chantal Fernando, in the Resisting Love. We went solo on three of the books, she wrote Ryder, and she is writing James, and I’m writing Derek.
Also working on a book currently with my friend Isabella Bearden, called A Second Chance!
AND I’m currently writing a book with good friend Emily Minton called Whiskey Lullaby.
I drink too much, Swear too much, and Read too much. Yes I read too much. I don’t have a filter, and I tend to speak before I think.
I’m a beta reader for many authors, I’m on a few authors ARC list, because apparently I’m THAT awesome. ;) And I also edit. Not a professional, but I do help a few with that.
I have two children, 5&2, and have another on the way. They bug the shit outta me, but hey, that’s what kids are supposed to do. ;) Married since 2007. He’s amazing, but he’s also a bigger pain in my ass than my kids are.
I love to read, and I love being able to write stories that *I* want to read!
I couldn’t do this without the help of some very special friends!
Emily Minton: I’m Emily.  I am the proud mother of two lovable but irritating teenagers. I have been married for over twenty years, but I would gladly trade my husband for Tatumn Jackson any day!
If you are wondering who that is, you need to read Sweet Dreams by KA now. Kristen Ashley is my queen!
I love to read. I am a complete mommy porn junkie!  I have more books on my kindle than most people could read in a lifetime, but I will get to them all eventually!
I am also an avid blogger.  I love to share my favorite books and pimp my favorite authors.
I am currently writing my first book with the amazing Dawn Martens. I hope you all enjoy Whiskey Lullaby!


Authors Combined Facebook Page:
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Review By Sophie ~ In Control by Crystal Serowka

crystal cover full



NOTE: In Control is a companion novel. This book is not a continuation from In the Air.

I wasn’t a typical teenager.
I’d been through more rough patches than a weed eater.
I didn’t grow up behind a white picket fence.
I didn’t go to Sunday school.
My body was no temple, though it was worshiped by many.
Girls kept their boyfriends away from me for good reason.
I was desired.
While my friends were following the rules, I was breaking them.
I’m careless.
I don’t apologize for who I am.
I embrace it.
But all things must come to an end.
He was my new beginning.

*Contains scenes of a graphic nature including abuse and sexual abuse.*


I have to say, I thought Crystal Serowka hit a home run with her debut novel In the Air but then I read In Control (the second book in the series) and holy hell Crystal hit a grandslam with it!!  I loved Kingsley in In the Air and was so excited she was getting a book of her own.  I knew she had to have and amazing story waiting to be told.  Oh, it did not disappoint.  In Control is a much more emotional story.  It grabbed my heart and stomped on it a few times.  But it was beautiful.  I loved how ths story went back and forth between the past and present.  Crystal totally pulled this off.  I was never confused and the story seemed to flow effortlessly.  That takes a true talent. All in all this is a must read book!!


♥ Sophie

About the Author

crystal S.

I’m proud to call myself a writer. Sharing my work with the world is a blessing and it’s one I’ll never take for granted.I live for my words, not the possibility of becoming rich off of them.

I love supportive people and have been blessed with meeting so many of them lately.

Remember to read the books you love, support the authors you love, and do without the negative people in your life.