Blog Tour & Giveaway ~ Two Roads by L.M. Augustine

two roads


The only person poetry-loving Cali Monroe hates more
than herself is Logan Waters, the geeky kid who lives in the dorm building next
to hers.

Ever since Cali’s parents told her she would amount to nothing, she has felt
entirely inadequate. Friendless and alone, she takes on the mean girl role in
hopes it will make her feel better–and Logan serves as the perfect target. He
infuriates her with his obnoxiously long lashes, his all too perfect dimpled
smile, and his complete lack of personality outside of his intelligence. It
doesn’t hurt that he’s part of the reason her brother is dead, either. So Cali
hates him, and he returns the favor. Thus, their prank-filled, insult-driven
rivalry is born, and torturing Logan quickly becomes the highlight of her life.

But when Cali’s parents set them up on a blind date, she begins to realize
Logan might not be as boring as she always thought. He shares her love of
poetry, takes a sadistic pleasure in making fun of crepes, and he makes her
blush when he calls her smile pretty.

And hey, maybe those long lashes of his aren’t that obnoxious after

Two Roads is New Adult Romance about finding love, standing out, and
learning to embrace who you are. It contains some language and mild sexual



What is not to love a bout a cute love story?! I really enjoyed Two Roads, not only was the love story really well written, but the fact that L.M. Augustine pulled in so much poetry really earned some major points!!

Cali never really moved on from her brothers death and although she blames herself for not seeing the signs she also blames his best friend Logan for not being there for her brother, and also for not being there for her after the death.

Logan is struggling through the death just as badly as Cali is, however he is not showing it in a different way. A way Cali doesn’t understand. Since she doesn’t understand it, she assumes he has moved on and hates him for it.

I just cant help but love Logan, he is doing his absolute best to accommodate Cali’s need to hate him and to learn how to move past her brothers death. You can see throughout the book that he has a thing for her, but he never outwardly pushes it. When they go to the convention together it gets so heated from time to time you just know they are going to end up falling for each other.

This is a great book for young adults, its a light enjoyable read that has any easy going story line and some amazing poetry mixed in!

I give this book 4 stars!!

About the Author

L.M. Augustine is a YA romance author who is obsessed
with writing about dorky teenagers, love, and happy endings. He currently lives
in New England, where he spends far too much time reading books and screaming
at his computer, and he believes that the solution to the world’s problems can
be found in chocolate cake.

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Blog Tour & Giveaway ~ Arsen by Mia Asher


Book Title: Arsen. A broken love story.

Author: Mia Asher.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Women’s fiction

Release Date: Friday, August 23rd 2013

Arsen Cover



 One glance was all it took…

I’m a cheater.
I’m a liar.
My whole life is a mess.

I love a man.
No, I love two men…
I think.

One makes love to me. The other sets me on fire.
One is my rock. The other is my kryptonite.

I’m broken, lost, and disgusted with myself.

But I can’t stop. This is my story.
My broken love story.



I need to feel him inside me.
I need Arsen to burn me to ashes with the fire roaring inside his blue eyes.
I need to kiss him.
So I do.
When our lips meet, it’s not a tender moment. It’s fierce.
Teeth clashing… Hair pulling… Like this is the last kiss we will ever taste.
Arsen breaks away first, breathing heavily, color coating his cheeks. “Let’s get out of here.”
Silent for a moment, I let myself drink in his beauty. The color of his eyes, his strong jaw, the golden stubble adorning his face, his full lips…
I’m not naïve. I’m aware that if I leave with him right now, we’re going to do more than just hold hands.
We are going to fuck.


 I don’t even know where to start with this review.  This book left me so utterly broken but I loved every moment of it.  I am going to write this a little different from my normal reviews and I’m going to get a little personal with it.  If you don’t want to read a long-winded review, than don’t read any further than this paragraph.  Should you read this book…..YES!  Is there cheating involved…..YES, it is a broken love story! BUT it does not glorify cheating in any way. It shows you that marriage is work and sometimes no matter how hard we try, things happen. Cheating is a fact a life. Do I condone it, absolutely not.  Would I ever cheat, I certainly hope not.  With that being said Arsen is absolutely a must read and I can guarantee you will love every emotional, gut wrenching, hot, agnsty and frustrating minute of it.  If you want more from this review than please read on.  If you don’t, I take no offense, the rest of the review is therapy for me.

I felt so connected to this book.  Have I ever cheated, no. Have I ever been cheated on, no.  Cheating is the ultimate deal breaker in my marriage.  So how did I relate……Cathy and Ben are characters that everyone can relate to.  I have been with my husband since I was 19 years old.  We have been together for 17 years (eeek don’t do the math) and have endured many mountains over the course of the years.  We are the parents to an amazing little boy who is our dream come true.  While I had no problem conceiving, had a wonderful pregnancy and we dreamt of the family we were going to have. Life has a funny way of showing you whose boss. While you may be planning on the 2-3 kids, your plans really mean nothing.  Fate decides everything. I discovered while in labor that I had a rare blood condition triggered by pregnancy.  I was able to safely deliver my healthy baby boy but things did not go to smooth for me.  With in a week of having him, I was in a coma and my husband was told to be prepared to lose me.  Doctors could not figure out what was going on.  Fortunately for me, the doctors figured things out, the “only” treatment available worked and here I am 7 years later.  But that ended our dreams of more children. And frankly it sucked.  Making the decision on your own is one thing but life telling you this is it hit me hard. I made poor decisions after words, and my marriage hung on by a thread.  I am grateful every day that my husband stood by me, he is my Ben.  Do I see why Cathy was tempted and ultimately cheated…..ABSOLUTELY.  To be so broken by life you do things you regret.  You feel like no one understands and to have that someone catch your eye and make you forget, is sometimes a dream come true.  While I may not have had an Arsen to take away my pain, I completely understood why Cathy needed him. To this day I still have a problem with sharing my feelings,  I am always “fine”.  I make a conscious effort each and every day to share how I am truly feeling but it is never easy.

Arsen, oh Arsen.  You could tempt even the most loyal woman.  I was completely enamored by him and could understand Cathy’s draw to him. I could see how much he really cared for Cathy.  Although he put out this bad boy, womanizing persona, deep down he was a broken man.  I think that was the draw between the two.   The were both broken souls.

Ben……I loved him from the first kiss in the rain.  He was a rock solid man and I was utterly heartbroken for him. He was strong yet sensitive and completely smoking hot!!

Cathy….There were times when I wanted to slap some sense into her but completely understood her actions.  I am not saying that I agreed with her actions but that when you are completely and utterly broken, you do things you would never expect.

Arsen is a gut wrenching, chew you up and spit you out kind of read.  It left me utterly broken but I only wish I could relive that feeling over and over again. Am I a glutton for punishment? No, it was just that good.  To have a book have that much effect on a person is something rare and special. To suck a reader in and make them feel as this was their own, is simply amazing.  To write such a difficult subject matter with such grace and emotion, is un heard of.  Mia Asher is a master storyteller and I can not wait to find out what else she has in store for us.


♥ Sophie


I am going to be honest Arsen was on my TBR list but it wasn’t at the top, and all of my book lovers out there know how long our TBR list can be! I had a little bird in my ear telling me how amazing this book was and that it gave her the biggest book hang over EVER! So of course this caught my attention and it become my next read.

I was sucked in from the moment I started reading it. Cathy’s story was so close to what people go through in life as a married couple. Marriage sucks, marriage is amazing, it is so many things that sometimes everyday life gets in the way and we don’t realize some thing that is so beautiful is slipping away because we don’t make an effort to fix it. Just assume the other person doesn’t want to hear and we shut them out. A marriage is something that is taken for granted and is known in this day an age not to last. Divorce is more common than people being together for 30+ years.

At first Cathy had the whole world in her hands she finds her happy ever after and doesn’t need anyone but Ben to make her feel on top of the world!

“I fucking love you, you know that? You stole my heart.” -Ben

Cathy and Ben made me sigh, they were so in love and happy. But just like I said life happens years pass and hiccups come into play. And stuff keeps getting pushed under the carpet till the hill is too big to get over.

“…Ignorance is bliss, right? Well, knowledge is misery. And the truth hurts.”

Then when you feel like the one who used to make you shine isn’t doing that for you anymore and someone else wants to give you that you go even though you know it isn’t right. At least that is what Cathy kept trying to tell herself.

“Arsen… He’s my kyrptonite.” -Cahty

Even though she knows it is wrong she can’t walk away from him.

This is an insane rollercoaster ride that you MUST read. You will want to beat Cathy up, you will want to comfort her, lecture her, and feel sad for her all at the sametime.

“Love is never supposed to hurt. Love is supposed to heal, to be your haven from misery, to make living fucking worthwhile…Love has the power to destroy you. Love has the power to bury you alive in a coffin full of pain and despair robing you of air of the will to live.”

I give this book 5 stars and I will definitly be re-reading Arsen many times!



Have you ever read a book that when you are all done you just sit there and think “Oh my gosh, now what?!?!” Arsen has provided the hangover of all hangovers.

I read an article the other day about people rating a book poorly because there is cheating involved. That it can negatively impact the sale of a book, and can pigeon hole an author… Well, those people are just plain crazy, or have never been married. I am not okay with cheating, but anyone who has gone through any kind of tough struggle in their marriage knows how easy it can be to let your marriage slip away from you.

Ben is quite possibly the most amazing man ever. He clearly cherishes Catherine and loves her so deeply that it leaves you in a state of awe. Reading the passion he loves her with and the devastation he experiences because of her, you cannot help but just fall for him. He really is the total package.

Catherine is a character that even though you may not agree with what she is doing you cannot help but love her. She has gone through some unimaginable loss and heartbreak. As much as she loved Ben, she was so hard on herself about being unable to carry a baby. There were some parts of the book I just wanted to yell at her to open her eyes and see what was in front of her, and it seemed like a few pages later I was completely understanding why she felt the way she did.

Arsen… As much as I wanted to hate him, I couldn’t help but love him. If we are being completely honest here, what happened isn’t really his fault. Yes her pursued a married woman, and Yes he may have pushed her, when he should have walked away… BUT he wasn’t the one married and in many ways he did good things for her. As mad at him as I was near the ending of the book, the last chapter absolutely gutted me (who am I kidding, many parts gutted me!). I want so badly for Arsen to find his happy ending, because he is not a bad guy at all… and there really could be a great story there! (hint hint)

Mia Asher I think you may have ruined me for a short time… I am not really sure what I am going to read next because I am still in survival/recovery mode from your book!! The talent that was shown in this book is beyond incredible, its truly a gift! You have a fangirl for life now, and I cannot wait to see what you have for us next. This book deserves far more than 5 stars! It was AMAZING!!!!!


About the Author


My name is Mia Asher.
I’m a writer, a hopeless romantic, a wanderer, a dreamer, a cynic, and a believer. And, oh yes…I might be a bit crazy – but who isn’t?

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Cover Reveal- Liar, Liar by Dawn Pendleton

Hazel is a freshman at Coastal Carolina and looking forward to making new friends. When she meets Roman, she’s head over heels for him. There’s one problem, though: he’s still hung up on Hazel’s roommate, Cheyanne. But Cheyanne has a secret, one that has the potential to ruin her life in college. When Hazel learns the secret, she’s determined to use it against Cheyanne to win over Roman. She never imagines her plan could backfire, leaving her as a pariah among her new circle of friends.

The BFF series follows the lives of new adults, Hazel, Miranda, Cheyanne, Destiny, Audric, Nolan, Andre, and Roman. Follow their stories as the first season of novellas are released once a week from September to March.



Release date: September 17, 2013

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Review by Sophie ~ Ryder (Resisting Love #2.5) by Chantal Fernando



Ryder Crawford is going places. His band ‘Morning Alliance,’ has just gotten signed, and are now touring with one of the most popular bands in the world. When he meets Lexi Raine, the timing couldn’t have been worse. But like they say, love finds you when you aren’t looking for it. The stunning blonde manages to turn his world upside down, through the fierce connection they share. When Ryder is given the choice between the past and present, he is forced to choose between his career, and a woman he has felt something for like no other. Will he make the right choice? Or spend the rest of his life living with regret?

Lexi is all alone in the world, besides her best friend and partner in crime Tee. After traveling around the world, drifting from place to place, she tries to settle down in Perth, the place she grew up in. When she meets Ryder, he seems almost too good to be true. What happens when she finds out that when things seem too good to be true, they usually are?



 It’s no secret that I am a HUGE fan of the Resisting Love Series.  Having devoured Chase and Kade, I must admit I wasn’t quite looking forward to Ryder.  I think that because he didn’t play a major role in the first two books, I really didn’t know what to expect from him.  I am so glad I finally sat down to read it!! Ryder was just delicious!!  This is a very quick read (it is a novella) and I devoured it in one sitting.  I absolutely loved Ryder.  He was always so protective of his family and it was so nice to see him find love.  He truly is an ultimate rock star with a heart of gold.  You are introduced to a few new characters in this story and I’m so excited hoping that it will lead to more books in the series.  So if you love the Resisting Love series as much as me, you need to read this now!!  If you havent read any of the series, then you need to do so immediately.


♥ Sophie

You can find my review of Chase (Book #1) HERE

You can find my review of Kade (Book #2) HERE

About the Author

Chantal Fernando is 26, a mother of three beautiful little boys and lives in Western Australia.

Chase is her debut novel, followed by Kade, Ryder & James.

She is currently working on ‘Spin My Love’ a new adult contemporary romance, along with a few other projects.



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Review by Sophie ~ My Unexpected Forever (Beaumont #2) by Heidi McLaughlin



I expected a life of music.

I expected to raise my son.

It took one look to make everything change.

I never expected happiness.

I never expected to find her.

I never expected to feel desire.

I never expected I’d be a family man.

I never expected to be loved.

I never expected to fall in love.

They say you should expect the unexpected. I didn’t realize my unexpected would be the forever kind.



Oh Heidi, you did it again!! My Unexpected Forever was Fan-f*cking-tastic!!! My Unexpected Forever is the second book in the Beaumont series so you really need to read Forever My Girl (which is a favorite of mine) first. The story picks up where Forever My Girl leaves off but really focuses on Harrison and Katelyn.  You still get plenty of Josie and Liam but this is really Harrison and Katelyn’s story.  I don’t want to give too much away but I need to say that Liam has met his match.  I thought Liam was the ultimate rocker boyfriend but Harrison swooped in and stole that title along with my heart.  Harrison is the TOTAL package!!! Hot, sexy, rocker with the heart of gold.  The way he interacts with his son and with Katelyn’s daughters just melted me.  This book was so full of emotion and I cried a good portion of it.  I cried sad tears, happy tears and just tears in general.  I loved the family aspect of it all and how it dealt with blending families.  That happens more and more now a days and you don’t see a lot of it in books.  It was very refreshing.  There were definitely some twists and turns in this book and also a few people who I wanted to bitch slap. There are possibly a few Kindle throwing moments too!  All in all a fantastic read and I hope to have more to this series.  I absolutely adore the cast of characters and I am dying for more.


♥ Sophie

About the Author

Heidi is the author of USA Today, Digital Book World, Amazon and Barnes & Noble Bestselling novel, Forever My Girl.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she now lives in picturesque Vermont, with her husband and two daughters. Also renting space in their home is an over-hyper Beagle/Jack Russell and two Parakeets.

During the day Heidi is behind a desk talking about Land Use. At night, she’s writing one of the many stories planned for release or sitting court-side during either daughter’s basketball games.

Website | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest | Tumblr | Facebook | Blog

You can pre-order My Unexpected Forever:
Releases September 2, 2013

Book Blitz ~ Naughty Girl by Scarlett Metal

#1 Naughty Girl Series
Alexandra loved the hot
sex she experienced as a submissive in the bedroom, but would never give her
heart to any man.
After getting hurt by his sub and wife, Paul swore he
would never make that kind of commitment to a woman again.
They meet at
the club that Alex frequents and quickly become play partners. The sex is
amazing, but despite their reservations, they begin to fall for each other. Will
they be willing to admit their feelings for each other?
Contains some
BDSM (light) and sexual situations. Intended for audiences 18+.
Amazon US
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Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble
#2 Naughty Girl Series
Alexandra opened her heart and let herself be vulnerable to Paul. The walls around Paul’s heart were torn down by the feisty Alex. Both of them are happier than they’ve been in a long time.
Paul’s ex-wife comes to town and turns their life upside down and shakes Paul to the core. Will Alex be collateral damage of his past?
Can Paul show Alex that she’s the only one for him before it’s too late? Or will someone else from their past destroy them beyond repair?
Due to language and sexual situations, this book is intended for ages
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble
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Cover Reveal- Faithless by Amanda Bennett



Sometimes in the darkness, we find the light. At least the fortunate ones do. For those who don’t want to find the light are sometimes forced into it. What do you do when a stranger in the darkness ends up being your savior?

Riley Turner never expected or wanted to see her twenty-first birthday, and she planned not to. Feeling lost and alone her entire life with no one to love or support her, there was never a reason to exist. That was until the stranger who saves her, becomes the one person to show her what life is really about. Riley finds her world being turned upside down and for the first time ever, finds herself wanting to live.

Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes that reason doesn’t always make sense, especially when life hasn’t always been so kind. Will Riley be able to over come her fears and finally find a reason to live her life, or will she see just how cruel life really can be after believing and taking a chance?

*WARNING this book contains mature content, language and sensitive situations