Release Day Blitz ~ Choose Me by Heidi McLaughlin

choose me

Happy Release Day to Heidi McLaughlin and her new book in The Archer Brother Series – CHOOSE ME! #‎ChooseMe‬ ‪#‎TeamEvan‬ ‪#‎TeamNate‬ ‪#‎EvanArcher‬ ‪#‎NateArcher‬ ‪#‎Navy‬‪#‎NavySEALs‬ ‪#‎military‬ #WhoWillSheChoose


ChooseMe Amazon


Two brothers.

One woman.

One son.

One choice.

Lives ripped apart, shattered and rebuilt.

Evan and Nate Archer: Brothers, best friends, warriors and now enemies. Both in love with the same woman. Both determined to fight for what they want.

Nate Archer promised to protect Ryley Clarke in the event Evan didn’t make it back. It’s a promise between brothers since the early days of basic training. Nate never considered that his feelings, long buried since high school, would resurface and grow stronger.

Evan Archer wants answers. He wants someone to pay. After being gone for an unprecedented amount of time, nothing is making sense now that he’s home. Most of all, he can’t understand how his brother ended up engaged to his fiancée. Evan is determined to uncover the mystery, and win back his family.

The Archers are about to fight dirty.


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Our kisses turn soft, less eager, but with more passion. Her hands move from my chest and onto my neck as her fingertips play with my earlobes. Horns honk in the background causing her to pull away, but not before I get another taste of her lips. I don’t know about her, but I’m having a hard time catching my breath and when she pulls away, the pink flush of her cheeks tells me she felt something too.


Heidi Bio Pic
Heidi is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she now lives in picturesque Vermont, with her husband and two daughters. Also renting space in their home is an over-hyper Beagle/Jack Russell, Buttercup, two Parakeets, Gonzo & Hedwig, and their newest addition of a Highland West/Mini Schnauzer, Jill.

During the day Heidi is behind a desk talking about Land Use. At night, she’s writing one of the many stories planned for release or sitting court-side during either daughter’s basketball games.

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Books by Heidi McLaughlin

Forever My Girl – The Beaumont Series #1

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My Unexpected Forever – The Beaumont Series #2

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Finding My Forever The Beaumont Series #3

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Finding My Way – The Beaumont Series #4

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My Everything – A Beaumont Series Novella

12 Days of Forever – A Beaumont Series Novella

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Lost in You

Lost in Us – A Lost in You Novella

The Archer Brothers

Here with Me

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Choose Me

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Blogging Buddies Book Club ~ One to Hold by Tia Louise

One to Hold


 WARNING: Mature themes, strong language and sexual content. Recommended for adult readers (18+) only!

Derek Alexander is an ex-Marine, ex-cop, and the top investigator in his field. Melissa Jones is a small-town girl trying to escape her troubled past.

When the two intersect in a bar in Arizona, their sexual chemistry is off the charts. But what is revealed during their “one week stand” only complicates matters.

Because she’ll do everything in her power to get away from the past, but he’ll do everything he can to hold her.



We have an exciting excerpt from Tia’s upcoming release One to Keep!!

Excerpt from ONE TO KEEP

by Tia Louise

*unedited draft, subject to change*

expected release January 16, 2014

© 2013, Tia Louise

 ~Patrick + Elaine~

 We sat with our bodies touching, and we sat apart, her feet in my lap. But that never lasted long before we were back to bodies touching again. Finally, I looked around at the deserted patio and realized how late it was.

I could see she was tired, and I stood, holding out my hand to help her up. “I’ll walk you back to the spa.”

She nodded slowly and took my hand. We didn’t speak the entire way back, and stopping in front of the entrance, all I could think about were her lips and covering them with mine. I’d been thinking about it all night, but I wanted to take it slow. I wanted to handle this one differently—right for a change.

Stepping forward, I paused just before our mouths met, making sure. Her breath whispered over my cheek, and her eyes rose to mine. Then she smiled. In a flash she was in my arms, our bodies molded together, tongues lightly meeting for the first time. After all we’d shared, it felt inevitable, holding each other this way, the faint taste of peppermint in my mouth, heat rising below my waist.

It was only a kiss, but it was the most powerful exchange I’d had in months. Her body drew me in until my heart beat with hers, and my soul felt threaded to her very breath. My lips traveled to her jaw, to her cheek and then to her ear. She was amazing.

“Goodnight,” I whispered, holding her closer.

My words should have parted us, but I couldn’t let her go. Her arms held me tightly as well, and I knew this was different from anything I’d experienced before. All of this was tectonically different.

Forcing myself to release her, I stepped back. I couldn’t look in her eyes or I’d never do what I had to do right now.

“I hope I’ll see you tomorrow,” I said through the ache in my throat. I wanted her more than anything in that moment.

“I’ll call you,” she said quietly.

I turned away, and my heart, my soul, everything stayed behind as I took the first step and then the second back to the main hotel where I was staying. I’d only made it three feet when I heard her rushing up to me.

“Patrick?” Her voice was a desperate whisper, and I immediately stopped, turning back to face her.

She was gorgeous standing in the moonlight, the dry breeze pushing her silky hair off her shoulders. I wanted to cover those shoulders with kisses, wrap my fingers in that hair. She reached out, and I caught both her hands in mine.


“I don’t want you to leave me,” she said, breathless. “I want to spend the night in your arms.”

Her delicate pink tongue touched her bottom lip, and she didn’t have to ask twice. Two steps was all it took to have her body secure against mine again. I caught her cheeks and lowered my mouth to cover her soft, beautiful lips…

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One to Hold by Tia Louise was a great, fast paced, smoking hot read. I had heard a lot of buzz surrounding this book and it did not disappoint.  It was full of great characters, secrets, drama and smoking hot sex.  I loved how it kept me on my toes wondering what would happen next.  You know SOMETHING has happened but you just don’t know what.  I loved that element.  Melissa is a beautiful character.  She harbors a secret that I needed to know.  It was a secret that damaged her. Derek is HOT with all his alpha male yumminess.  But I had a feeling that deep down there was more to his story.  Derek and Melissa’s chemistry was off the charts!!  I had to step away and cool down on more than one occasion ;-) .  But I loved that the hot sex wasn’t the only story line, there was so much more!!  If you are looking for a fast paced quick read, look no further.  One to Hold has it all!!

3.5 ***

♥ Sophie

Character Casting


About the Author

Tia Louise is a former journalist, world-traveler, and collector of beautiful men (who inspire ALL of her stories… *wink*)—turned wife, mommy, and novelist.

It’s possible she has a slight truffle addiction. And she will never look at a family restroom the same way again.

ONE TO HOLD is her debut adult romance.

ONE TO KEEP is a companion novel to one to hold, and scheduled for release Jan. 16, 2014.

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Blogging Buddies Book Club ~ Take My Hand by Nicola Haken


take my hand


Twenty-four year old Dexter Michaels has arrived in the UK for a fresh start – leaving everything and everyone he knows behind in the states. Determined to put right some of the wrongs he’ll never be able to forgive himself for making and make his Aunt Sarah – the only person left who still believes in him – proud, he lands in London with the intention of working hard, getting his degree and keeping himself to himself. He can’t destroy anybody else that way…

His heart and his body have other ideas however when he finds himself sitting next to nineteen year old Emily Barton in his Psychology class. Moving down south to find her own New Life, Emily is shy, smart and beautiful – everything Dexter knows he should stay away from… everything he knows would be too easy for him to break.

But she makes him feel things he’d forgotten even existed. She makes him laugh, smile, care… forget. Without her trying, and without him realizing, Emily has wound her way into the one place he swore to keep locked away forever – his heart. But can she stay there when she discovers the dark past he’s so determined to keep hidden from her? Or will he destroy her too, just like he always expected?

(Not suitable for under 18’s due to language, drug/alcohol abuse and sexual content)



Shortly afterwards Emily reached behind her and removed my hand from her back, panting and groaning as she did so. Then she brought it around to her front and peeled her lips away from mine just long enough to kiss my knuckles before positioning my hand on her upper thigh and slowly encouraging it upwards.

Firmly but gently, I snapped my hand free and covered hers with mine– stopping her from edging it up any further.

“But I’m ready,” she whispered, sounding disheartened.

“Doll, it’s late. You’re tired and you’ve been drinking,” I said. “And you might think you’re ready but I need you to be sure – more sure than you’ve been about anything in your life.” Gazing down to her knees, that heart-wrenching look of rejection sweeping across her face again, she sighed. “Besides,” I added. “When I touch you there I don’t want you to just be ready. I want you to be desperate. By the time I get to feel you, doll, I want you aching so badly for me that you’re struggling to walk. I want you panting so harshly you can’t form words. And I want your mind to be so consumed by what you want me to do to you, you can’t even remember your own name.”

Aaaaand… as if by magic – her cheeks flushed, making her hair look pale in comparison.

Forcing her chin up with my finger I looked intently into her eyes, silently assuring her that I have never wanted to be inside another woman so badly. Then I twisted my fingers into her hair, relishing the luxurious feel of her soft red curls and holding her face close to mine.

“I do want you, doll. And trust me when I say that when I finally get to have you, I will make you feel so good the neighbors will take out a noise pollution order on me.” I winked at her and traced the edges of her lips with my thumb. My cock was just one more throb away from freakin’ exploding and yet here I was… being a gentleman. Aren’t you proud of me? “Let’s get you to bed,” I said. Then, noticing one of her perfectly pruned eyebrows shoot up I added, “to sleep. We’ve got a busy day ahead tomorrow, doll. I want you refreshed and eager next time I let you kiss me,” I teased.

“You’re such a loser,” she said playfully, swatting my shoulder with her hand.

She couldn’t have been more wrong. I had never felt like such a winner in all my life.


* Cough Syrup – Young the Giant

* Barely Breathing – Glee Cast

* Somewhere Only We Know – Glee Cast

* Set Fire To The Rain – Adele

* You Can’t Always Get What You Want – The Rolling Stones

* Can’t Fight This Feeling – REO Speedwagon

* Lucky – Jason Mraz

* No Air – Jordin Sparks, Chris Brown

* Beneath Your Beautiful – Labrinth, Emeli Sande

* The Time of My Life – Bill Medley, Jennifer Warnes

* Torn – Natalie Imbruglia

* A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

* Golden Slumbers/The End – K.D. Lang

* Fields of Gold – Sting

* And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going – Jennifer Hudson

* No Words – The Script

* Hold On – Michael Buble

About the Author

nicola haken

Nicola lives in Rochdale, England with her husband and four children (six if you include the dogs!) She is the author of New Adult/Contemporary romance novels Inevitable, Saving Amy and the Take My Hand series – book two of which, Hold On Tight – will be released in December 2013. When she is not busy playing with her imaginary book friends (or talking about them with real life friends!) she can usually be found carrying out her ordinary mum/housewife/all round slave duties. Oh, and if the kids ever ask, she moonlights as the Pink Power Ranger while they’re sleeping…

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Blogging Buddies Book Club ~ Good Intentions (Welcome to Paradise #2) by S.L. Scott


good intentions


Title: Good Intentions (Welcome to Paradise, #2)

Author:  S. L. Scott

Expected release:  September 9, 2013

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Age Group:  New Adult



Two words sum up my summer in paradise: Evan Ashford. 

I have a life back home I must return to, though my heart battles this reality. What started as a carefree summer fling has become so much more. Evan has become so much more. He’s become everything. Cupping his face, I stare into his deep blue eyes, wanting to lose myself once more… needing to know he feels this too.

Although our connection won’t stop the summer’s end from rushing toward us or silence the demons Evan battles, I have faith our love can overcome the obstacles that will undoubtedly arise from us choosing to be together. I still worry… Will our good intentions be good enough? But I’m all in, willing to take the risk, knowing he can destroy my heart if I’m wrong.

Like a riptide, I was forever changed by one woman: Mallory Wray.

Our eyes meet and we spend a moment looking into the others’, reading the fear and the love that mingles within. I move slowly down and kiss her forehead, her nose, her eyelids, her cheeks, and her chin before I kiss her lips again—soft and gentle, not rushed, but sensual. She smiles and I die inside knowing that I won’t get to see her face every day. I’ve been spoiled by this sweet angel giving me all her days and nights. I possessively take hold of her wrists and like so many times before, the air stills as our connection intensifies. I can’t help myself when it comes to her.

I kiss her.

Rain pours down harder and I wrap my arms around her, engulfing her body, her love, her soul.



He steps in behind me and holds me so we’re both under the water. Backing up, he grabs the shampoo, squirts some in his hand, and starts washing my hair. “I also washed your hair that first night.” He kisses my shoulder. “If you’re asking me if I always ask girls that question afterward, the answer is no. I never cared enough about anyone to even think to ask. I really cared if you had a good time.” He leans down to my ear and whispers, “I secretly hoped you’d stay with me that first day, but—”

“But I was so pissed that I woke up alone.”

“Yeah, you scared me a little,” he laughs.

“You made love to me when all I was looking for was a good time.” I also laugh, rinsing the shampoo out of my hair.

His hand goes to his chest, ego wounded, and all dramatic. “Oh how your words pierce my very manhood. So, you didn’t have a good time then?”

He slides his fingers, conditioner coated, through my hair, carefully spreading it throughout.

I playfully respond, “I didn’t say I didn’t have a good time, but you made love to me. You didn’t fuck me.”

“Oh, I see. So Mallory Wray came to the island to get laid? Thank god, I was there to be of service, but my humblest apologies that I left her dissatisfied and in need of a proper fucking. I can only hope that I’ve made up for it.” I see the sparkle in his eyes as he teases.

Shimmying my soapy body against him, I say, “More than made up for it, but if you’d like to keep making up for it, you know where to find me, hot stuff.”

He steps out from rinsing his hair and I step under, closing my eyes and letting the water fall down my body. When I open them again, he’s staring at me and I recognize the look though it takes me a second to place it, a flashback to our first night together again.

His smile lessens as he looks at me, his other hand rubbing the back of his neck. His gaze drops away for the briefest of seconds, but when it returns there’s confusion, his expression mystified again.

He asks, “What am I going to do with you?”

“Just love me. That’s all.”



I fell in love with Evan and Mallory’s story in Good Vibrations and Good Intentions does not disappoint.   Picking up right where they left off, Evan and Mallory continue to grow and fight for their love.  This is the first series I have read by S.L. Scott and I love here writing style.  I felt like I was right there in Hawaii with the characters really experiencing everything they went through.  I devoured both books over the weekend and really fell in love with them.  Evan is so swoon worthy and you can’t help but love him.  Such a beautiful man with a troubled past that has really affected everything in his life.  To watch him learn to love and trust was really something.  Mallory is strong yet she not.  Suffering a broken heart really did a number on her and she really needed to learn to let her whole heart love and see what happens.  Their friends are so great and I would love to see spinoff’s for their characters.  Evan’s mom is a bitch but I keep hoping deep down there is some good in her.  But the biggest surprise of all is how hard I fell for Evan’s dad.  I absolutely LOVE him!!  I will say that I am now NEEDING more to their story, and I can’t wait to find out what happens next.  I’m really rooting for them!!!


♥ Sophie

About the Author

sl scott

S.L. Scott has a degree in Journalism and is the author of Amazon bestseller, A Prior Engagement, her debut novel, Naturally, Charlie, and several novellas, including Amazon best seller, Sleeping with Mr. Sexy, and Morning Glory—all currently available on Amazon. Pursuing her passion for telling stories, she spends her days escaping into her characters, letting them lead her on their adventures. She is a Contributor to Huffington Post as well as writes for her own blog along with several other popular sites.

Travelling, music festivals, and surfing are a few of her hobbies she loves, but she doesn’t get to enjoy on a regular basis. She has an obsession with movies, a varied taste in books, and collects Fitz & Floyd teapots. With a memory full of useless trivia facts, and a Keurig addiction, she loves a fun night in with her family as much as a loud night out with her friends.

Scott lives in the lively city of Austin with her husband, two young sons, and two Papillons, enjoying life in the beautiful hill country of Texas.

Visit her website at

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Blogging Buddies Book Club ~ Every Breath by Tasha



~ Synopsis ~

**Contains mild language, adult situations, and sexual content. Mature audiences only.**

How does someone give their heart away when they don’t have all of the pieces?

Not that Makenna really wants a second chance at love anyway. She is stuck in her tragic past, secretly living every day for her deceased fiancé, while her new boyfriend, Drew, is gently nudging her into the present.

Desperate to appear normal again, she slaps on a happy face and goes through the motions of a normal, healthy relationship—but with the exception of even a single kiss. And she’s okay with pretending, but Drew needs more than she’s willing to give.

Surprisingly, it’s an innocent letter from a soldier halfway around the world that has her seeing life differently. Sawyer is at his breaking point, and his depression sucks him in deeper every day. Makenna becomes his only lifeline to home, and he’s hanging on by a very weak thread.

By helping him, Makenna learns to let go of grief before she’s left with only a ghost of the woman she once was, finally freeing her from guilt and showing her that it is possible to love again. But when she discovers that both of the men in her life are hiding something, she makes two shocking revelations.
One of them is insanely in love with her, and one of them destroyed her happy ever after.

Even though a fairytale ending does await her, is she willing to face her own demons to fight for it?



~ Excerpt ~

As soon as his face fills the screen, I want to call Callie into the room to tell her exactly how wrong she is. He smiles as soon as he sees me, a warm, genuine smile that stretches almost to his ears. His tired eyes are half closed, but they appear to be the color of dark amber honey. His sharp jawline leads down to his wide neck, corded muscles running down each side. He isn’t classically handsome like Drew, but he’s more rugged. Strong. Hard to tear my eyes away from.

“Can you hear me okay?” Sawyer’s gravelly voice echoes around the concrete room.

“You’re perfect. I mean, I can hear you perfectly.” Jeez, I usually take a little longer to make a complete fool of myself.

Sawyer chuckles, momentarily hanging his head to hide his amusement. “Somehow, you’re exactly how I pictured you. I’m so glad to finally get to hear your voice and talk face-to-face.”

“Me, too.” I absentmindedly twirl my hair between two fingers, a bad nervous habit of mine. “Except you’re not at all how I pictured you.” Not. At. All.

“No?” He pauses to rub his hand over the top of his buzzed head, making me want to do the same. “Do I even want to know what you thought? Better? Worse?”

“Very pleasantly surprised.” I grin at him, finding him just as easy to talk to like this as I do by email or instant messaging. “Are you ready to meet them?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be. Is it sad that I’m nervous?”

“I was, but after talking to you, I know they’ll adore you.”

One corner of his mouth pulls up. “I hope so.”

The rumbling sound of a herd of little footsteps is my indicator that we’ll find out sooner rather than later. “I’m going to turn you away from them, so they can’t see you. And stay quiet until I introduce you, okay?”

He nods and salutes with a wink, and I want to melt into puddle right there on the floor.

My class begins to trickle in, one-by-one, pulling their jackets off and taking their seats. Their cheeks are flushed from the cool wind, and the fresh air clearly gave them a renewed energy. The room is practically buzzing with it.

As the last one takes their seat, I peer down at my computer screen to see Sawyer watching me intently, pretending to zip his lips when he catches me looking.

“Okay, class, I have a little surprise for you.”

Before I could go on, a petite hand shoots up in the air. “Yes, Kristin?”

Her wide eyes almost match the “o” shape of her mouth. “Cupcakes?” Of course, the prospect of sugar coma-inducing baked goods sends the entire room into mass hysteria.

Clapping my hands in a special pattern, I get their attention again. “As much as I love a good cupcake, Kristin, that’s not what the surprise is today. Raise your hand if you remember the cards that we made several weeks ago for our new soldier friend.”

Every single hand in the room goes up, except for Riley, who lost interest when cupcakes were no longer involved. “Okay, good. Now, I want you to meet a friend of mine, and then I’ll give you the surprise.”

I flash a smile down to Sawyer before I spin my laptop around to face the class. A collective intake of breaths is all I hear when they see his face. “Boys and girls, this is my friend Sawyer Harris. He is the soldier that got your cards, and right here in my hand is the letter he sent back to you.”

I knew the kids would come through for me. And for Sawyer. Their sweet faces immediately split into wide partially-toothless grins, and the room erupts with chatter, applause, and cheering. And when Sawyer greets them, they all look at him like he’s a rock star.

~ Review ~

I am broken. Broken and shattered into so many pieces, I don’t know if there is anyone who could ever put my heart completely back together.

Every Breath was such a beautiful emotional read for me and far exceeded any expectations. Once again I went in blind and was completely blown away. The writing felt effortless and the connection to the characters were so easy for me. There was so much emotion, great twists and turns that I did not see coming and also some laugh out loud moments. I loved how at times I felt like McKenna was speaking directly to me. McKenna suffered a horrible loss; a loss that she has never really recovered from. She may say she is fine but she really is far from it. I really loved the realness of McKenna. She faced things in her life that would break most people and even though she tried to sugar coat it, you saw the real McKenna the whole time. Callie her best friend was the BEST. Even though there were times I really wanted to knock some sense into her, I see her reaction as realistic. Drew…..all I can say is I really wanted to rip his balls off and feed them to him….if I say anything more I will spoil it. Sawyer, he really made me swoon. He was just as broken as McKenna but still so strong. I loved that once again things were not sugar coated and made to look pretty. These are emotions that people face on a daily basis and I really would like to thank the authors that put it out there. This story is ultimately a story of love, loss and hope. It was beautfully written and I look forward to reading more from Tasha. Thank you Tasha for giving us the opportunity to review.

You know, I thought I had my life all figured out. After that one fateful day, I didn’t think I was meant to have the fairy tale ending. Hell, I didn’t even think I was meant to love again. But I figured something out along the way. Sometimes, it takes someone just as broken as you are to heal you. Sometimes, it takes someone else to show you that you won’t heal until every breath you take is for you, not anyone else.

I’ve missed out on so many parts of your life, but you’ve always been meant for me. I don’t want to miss a single breath you take. You tell me that I saved you, but darlin’, you saved me, too.


♥ Sophie

~ About the Author ~


Tasha Ivey is a literature fanatic, whose love for the written word fostered her development into the writer she has become. A lover of an extremely erratic mixture of literature, she has been influenced by authors from Jane Austen and E.M. Forster to Charlaine Harris and Alyson Noel. But her biggest influence and literary hero? Nicholas Sparks. Aside from writing, since she doesn’t have anything other than a shriveled up prune on the left side of her brain, she prefers to spend her time being creative in other ways like painting, cake decorating, and various types of crafts. That is, if the constant voices streaming through her head allow her to stop making up stories for a while. Lucky for her, she has a huge supportive family, including her amazing husband and two kids, who doesn’t complain too much when she hangs out with her characters more than she does with them. Sophie, the dog, however . . . she does complain. A lot.

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Blogging Buddies Book Club ~ Unbreak Me by Lexi Ryan


“If you’re broken, I’ll fix you…”

I’m only twenty-one and already damaged goods. A slut. A failure. A disappointment to my picture-perfect family as long as I can remember. I called off my wedding to William Bailey, the only man who thought I was worth fixing. A year later, he’s marrying my sister. Unless I ask him not to…

“If you shatter, I’ll find you…”

But now there’s Asher Logan, a broken man who sees the fractures in my façade and doesn’t want to fix me at all. Asher wants me to stop hiding, to stop pretending. Asher wants to break down my walls. But that means letting him see my ugly secrets and forgiving him for his.

With my past weighing down on me, do I want the man who holds me together or the man who gives me permission to break?


Lexi Ryan had me before I even started reading the book! I read the synopsis and it caught my interest. It was different, I had never read a story about a girl watching her ex marry her sister. So I was ready to dive into Maggie’s drama and boy was I hooked! Lexi did a great job with this story and you will not regret picking up this quick read! I give this book 5 stars!!!

Maggie was with Will, loved him and was going to marry him. Till she decided to cancel the wedding and skip town. Maggie had a reputation and it wasn’t a good one. Now Maggie finds herself back in New Hope as a bridesmaid for her sister’s wedding to Will. (Yes, you read that right! Will, Maggie’s Will is now marrying her SISTER!!) Maggie still loves Will and she can see that he still has feelings for her. She doesn’t know how to deal with this.

“Would you ask me to leave her? Would you tell me if you still needed me?” -Will

Maggie is trying to start over and not let her past consume her life in the present. At her sister’s wedding she meets this sexy man named Asher. Maggie doesn’t do relationships, she does one night stands no attachments. She uses sex as her wall to keep people from getting close to her. Asher wants more then that from Maggie and he is determined to break those walls.

“My past is ugly, and I ‘m not proud of it, but it’s part of who I am. It’s made me who I am. I’m not hiding from it.” -Maggie

Maggie tries to be so strong and not let anyone in to know she is breaking inside. But Asher can see through her and he wants to help her he doesn’t want her for sex he wants her for her.

“You don’t need to pretend to be strong with me, Maggie. Just be.” -Asher

“Let me break down these walls you keep hiding behind.” -Asher

Start reading!! And find out if Asher or Will can break down Maggie’s wall that she has built around herself. Find out about her past that wont let go over her. Will she find true love? Will she let her past be the past and move on? What are her secrets? Will she tell anyone about them? Go one-click!! You will love Lexi’s work!



Ani DiFranco—32 Flavors

Nine Inch Nails—Perfect Drug

P!nk—Slut Like You

Cold Play—Fix You

The Fray—How to Save a Life

P!nk, featuring Nate Ruess—Just Give Me a Reason


Nine Inch Nails—Hurt

Ani DiFranco—Gratitude

Labrinth featuring Emeli Sandé—Beneath Your Beautiful

Rihanna featuring Mikki Ekko—Stay

Ani DiFranco—Amazing Grace

Josh Radin—When You Find Me


Asher looks damn fine standing there, his dark shades blocking his eyes from the setting sun, a tiny silver hoop glinting in each ear. He is all hard muscle and tan in his fitted black t-shirt and faded jeans. I always said there’s no man as hot as my car. Now I’m not so sure.

My first thought is that we could be naked and in my bed in twenty minutes. My second is of the story Lizzy just told me, a story that makes Asher the worst kind of bad boy—capital B, capital N, Bad News.

I pull my keys from my purse. “What are you doing here?”

His too-goddamn-perfect mouth quirks into that cocky half grin. “I wanted to see you.”

“Aw! That’s what all my stalkers say.”

He chuckles. “You owe me a date.”

“How’d you even know to find me here?”

“How’d you get the cash for such a sweet ride?”

I drive a deep blue Mustang GT, a gift from my granny. She’s terrible with money and we love her for it.

“Marry an old man for his money?” he asks.

“Sure. But I was screwing his brains out when he died, so he didn’t mind much.”

His smile never wavers. “I want to take you out.”

“We discussed this already,” I say, my traitorous gaze dipping back to the bulge of his biceps. Lord have mercy. “I don’t do dates.”

“So we’ll call it something else,” he says. “Try not to get hung up on semantics.”

“And what if I say no?”

Asher’s smirk should piss me off. This is a man who gets what he wants, and it’s written all over his face.

I sigh. “Fine, but only if you have a signed note from your wife that says it’s okay if you play with others.”

“It’s one night. What? Are you afraid you can’t resist me?”

Damn. That’s a challenge. “Dinner,” I say, punching my key fob to unlock my doors. “But none of this macho, He-Man, I-drive-the-lady crap. I have free will and I like to keep my vehicle at my disposal. You might be hot, and I might be joining you for a meal, but you don’t own me.”

“Are you done?”

I try to stop the smile that’s coming, but I can’t resist. I don’t meet many men willing to call me on my bullshit. “Yeah.”

“Do you like Cajun food, loud atmosphere, a good beer list?”

I look him up and down again—a visual journey that is worth it every time. “Goddamn, Asher. You keep going and I might just think you had my number. Cajun Jack’s?”

“I’ll see you there.” He heads toward his Jeep. When he turns back to slide his eyes over my body, I have to tell myself that the heat rushing through me is only a product of the scorching May afternoon sun.



There is a woman swimming in my pool.

Scratch that. There is a naked goddess swimming in my pool.

I drape my towel behind my neck and watch her in the moonlight. She pushes through lap after lap, pulling her body through the water as if she’s running away from something. And as I watch her, all curves and grace and beauty, my heart pounds like I’m the one doing laps.

When she finally stops, she’s out of breath and I’m aroused as fuck.

“Training for the Olympics?”

She snaps her head up in surprise, and even in the soft light of the moon I can make out her features enough to recognize the woman I danced with at the wedding.


What the hell is she doing here?

“Sneak up on many girls?” she asks.

“Only the special ones.” I drop my towel on a chair and dive into the water. I hadn’t been expecting company tonight, but if she went to the trouble to track me down, I can play along.

When I surface, her eyes are on me—my mouth, my bare chest.

“What are you doing here?” she asks, backing away.

“I live here.”

She snorts. “No you don’t.” Then, when I don’t reply, “Shit. Really? You’re Rich Dude?”

“Rich who?” Suddenly I’m feeling like a bit of an ass for diving in to join her. She’s naked in my pool but not here for me?

Damn the luck.

“Shit. I’m sorry. I just…” She’s laughing, and her posture is the most relaxed I’ve seen it yet.

The question is: If she didn’t come looking for me, why is she here?

Suddenly, it clicks and I have my answer. “You haven’t come to swim in a long time.”

That cuts her laughter short. “You watch me?”

I can’t tell if she’s appalled by the idea or aroused by it. Having just witnessed the way her naked curves look as she pulls herself through the water, I can imagine why someone might watch, but that’s not my style. No. If I’d seen Maggie swimming in my pool before tonight, watching would have never been enough.

“My groundskeeper told me a young girl used to sneak in about once a week,” I say, explaining what should have occurred to me when I first saw her here. “I assume that was you?”


“Why’d you stop?”

“I left town for a while,” she says, her words slow and carefully chosen.

“Looking for something?”

She shakes her head. “Running away.”

I understand running away. Hell, that’s why I’m here, isn’t it? I didn’t come to my house in New Hope because I thought I’d find something. Quite the opposite. I’ve been living here for the last year because of what I knew I wouldn’t find here. Trouble. Drama. Baggage.

And yet, here I am…Here we are…

As much as I’d like to be the gentleman, my eyes have a mind of their own, and I find my gaze dipping to the water and her bare breasts.


“Sorry I had to disappear earlier.” I’ve hardly met her eyes before my gaze travels south again, to the rise and fall of her breasts, to flat of her stomach in the water, the curve of her hip.

“I’d let you make it up to me,” she says, coming closer.

My resolve to stay away from this woman and her problems crumbles just like that. I could blame my many months of self-imposed abstinence, but that’s not the culprit here. My crumbling resolve has nothing to do with me wanting to be with a woman and everything to do with me wanting to be with this woman.

“You’ve had a long day,” I tell her. “You want to talk?”

She drapes her arms around my neck, and the feel of her nipples grazing my chest is enough to whip my breath from me. “Why would you think I want to talk to you at all?” she asks.

I grunt. “Because you’re looking at me like a starved woman at a prime rib buffet.”

“Yes,” she murmurs, staring into my eyes. “What does that have to do with talking?”

“Don’t you want us to get to know each other before you indulge?”

She tilts her head to the side. “I’m more about the meal than the conversation.”

There’s a heat in her green eyes that’s nearly irresistible, but there’s something else too. Something…almost familiar.

“You’re a kid,” I object lamely. We both know if her age was a real concern, I never would have taken her onto that dance floor.

She runs her finger down my neck and blood pulses so hot and fast to my cock, she may as well have touched me there. “I’m twenty-one,” she says. Then she wraps her legs around me, and I nearly lose my loose hold on control. Drama, baggage, trouble, none of it matters. Nothing matters but feeling that bare, slick skin against mine.

But that’s not true. There is something that matters. “Is this about him?” I ask.

She frowns. “Who?”

“The groom at your sister’s wedding? He has some kind of hold on you. I saw it in your eyes. In his.”

“This has nothing to do with William Bailey,” she says, but her face gives her away.

And yet, here I am, lowering my head to kiss her, when I know it’s a mistake, when I know she’s thinking about someone else, when that breaks every simple ass rule I’ve given myself for this year.

I’m acting on something more primal now, something that wants to protect her, something that says if she’s thinking of another man, she won’t be for long.

I’m careful to be slow. Soft, gentle. I don’t know this woman, but I feel like she deserves soft and gentle, and if I’m going to do this, I’m determined to be everything she deserves and more.

But she doesn’t just kiss me back. She bites my lip and digs her nails into my back. And I let instinct take over.



New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lexi Ryan writes romances with humor, heat, and heart. Her books are described as fun, flirty, and wickedly sexy. A lover of learning, Lexi has been in the classroom all her life and remains there as an English professor. A proud member of Romance Writers of America, Lexi lives in rural Indiana with her husband and two children.



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