Review By Sophie ~ In Control by Crystal Serowka

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NOTE: In Control is a companion novel. This book is not a continuation from In the Air.

I wasn’t a typical teenager.
I’d been through more rough patches than a weed eater.
I didn’t grow up behind a white picket fence.
I didn’t go to Sunday school.
My body was no temple, though it was worshiped by many.
Girls kept their boyfriends away from me for good reason.
I was desired.
While my friends were following the rules, I was breaking them.
I’m careless.
I don’t apologize for who I am.
I embrace it.
But all things must come to an end.
He was my new beginning.

*Contains scenes of a graphic nature including abuse and sexual abuse.*


I have to say, I thought Crystal Serowka hit a home run with her debut novel In the Air but then I read In Control (the second book in the series) and holy hell Crystal hit a grandslam with it!!  I loved Kingsley in In the Air and was so excited she was getting a book of her own.  I knew she had to have and amazing story waiting to be told.  Oh, it did not disappoint.  In Control is a much more emotional story.  It grabbed my heart and stomped on it a few times.  But it was beautiful.  I loved how ths story went back and forth between the past and present.  Crystal totally pulled this off.  I was never confused and the story seemed to flow effortlessly.  That takes a true talent. All in all this is a must read book!!


♥ Sophie

About the Author

crystal S.

I’m proud to call myself a writer. Sharing my work with the world is a blessing and it’s one I’ll never take for granted.I live for my words, not the possibility of becoming rich off of them.

I love supportive people and have been blessed with meeting so many of them lately.

Remember to read the books you love, support the authors you love, and do without the negative people in your life.

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