Blurb Reveal ~ Loving Me, Trusting You by CM Stunich

 loving me trusting you


~ Synopsis ~

The Triple M Motorcycle Gang has a new president in Austin Sparks, the bad boy biker that swept Amy Cross off her feet.  And nobody’s happier about that than Gaine Kelley.  Now that his best friend has finally found the woman of his dreams, Gaine’s free to go after Mireya.  But what if she isn’t ready yet?  What if the demons from her past howl so loud she can’t hear him calling?

Mireya Sawyer isn’t ready for love.  Not yet.  Maybe not ever.  Especially not when the one thing she’s always fought for is called into question.  Triple M may not be a ‘real’ MC, but they’re posing as one, and there are people that don’t like that.  People who can’t accept the way they do things and are willing to take the time to put a stop to it.  With several rival gangs circling around, threatening the rights of the women in Triple M, Mireya knows it’s time to forget her love affair with Austin and move on.  Thing is, Gaine’s not willing to stand on the sidelines anymore.  He loves her, but can she trust him?



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