Blog Tour & Giveaway ~ The Light in the Wound by Christine Brae


Book Title: The Light in the Wound

Author: Christine Brae

Genre: Contemporary Romance Fiction

Release date: July 23, 2013

~ Synopsis ~

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Affected by her parents’ highly publicized divorce, Isabel grows up isolated and alone, with a resolve to never fall in love and repeat their mistakes.

When Jesse Cain enters her life, she falls hopelessly in love with him, and every sadness she’s ever felt is washed away by his intensity and passion. But people change as they grow up. Things can never stay the same forever.

Jesse and Isabel fight to stay together, determined to hold on to what they once had. Isabel wonders if a second love can ever be enough to make her forget her first


~ Review ~

The Light in the Wound by Christine Brae was a fabulous read!! It takes place over many years and is a true coming of age love story.  Christine’s writing style was beautiful.  Everything flowed together beautiful and she really did paint a picture for me with the story.  Isabel was such a likeable and relateable character.  I loved her inner strength and even when she “lost” herself in her relationship you could still see the strength deep down inside.  Isabel does not have the perfect upbringing.  Although she is very well off and lives a lifestyle most can only dream of; her parents are very ustable and have not been good relationship role models.  Basically raised by her grandparents and away from her two sisters, Isabel leads a lonely life.  When she meets Jesse she falls head of heels for him and in the process loses a great deal of identity.  I dont want to give away too much because as a reader you really need to watch the beauty of the story unfold before your eyes.  I absolutely loved this book and would recommend it to everyone.  It is not a fast paced, anxiety ridden book like a lot of the books I have read lately but it is a beautiful love story about a girl really learning what true love is. It was such a nice change of pace for me and I hope you all will take the time to read it.


♥ Sophie

~ About the Author ~

I love to read, write about reading, shop, write about shopping, three day weekends, high heels and purses. I’m a wife, a mother, a corporate executive, a loyal friend and a passionate believer in true love. This is all you need to know about me. If you get my stories, you get my heart.

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~ Where to buy ~

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