Cover Reveal ~ Hollywood and Vine by Olivia Evans

We are excited to share with you the cover for Hollywood & Vine, a debut novel by Olivia Evans scheduled for release on December 15th. Make sure to add it to your TBR because this is one you don’t want to miss. Enter the giveaway below for a chance to win an ARC copy of this book. Good luck!

ebook cover

SynopsisIn the land of Hollywood, bright lights cover lies, truths hide in shadows, and the lives of the rich and famous are illusions created by smoke and mirrors.

When costume designer Josie Bane first lays eyes on Anders Ellis, she hates him instantly. Conceited and arrogant, he’s the epitome of a Hollywood playboy. So it’s much to Josie’s dismay when he becomes the star of her sexual fantasies.

Never expecting to see him again, she gives in to her desires for a night she’ll never forget. However, Josie soon learns that life is full of surprises. When their paths cross again, sparks fly. With three little words, Anders changes everything.

He’s after one thing.

She refuses to give it to him… again.

When Josie realizes she’s falling for a man that will never let her in but refuses to let her go, she must decide if the risk is worth the reward.

With a relationship shrouded in secrets and outside forces poised to tear them apart, did they ever stand a chance? Before the smoke clears and the curtain falls, Josie and Anders must distinguish between what’s fact and what’s fiction in a place where the truth is never black and white.


Teaser for Cover Reveal

“I’ve never been in love.”

“Lie,” he whispered.

She shook her head. “Not a lie.”

Anders’ lips parted in disbelief. He wasn’t sure why, but something in his chest tightened at her admission. He kicked off his shoes and licked his lips before speaking, his heart pounding so violently he thought it might come through his chest.

“I’ve never wanted to kiss someone as much as I do you.”

“Right now?”

“Ever.” His voice was strong and clear as he spoke, leaving no doubt that he meant what he said. But Josie needed to hear him say it.


“Lose your shirt, Ivy.”

“Fuck,” she exhaled, pulling her top off. She stood in front of him in nothing but her bra and panties and she had no intentions of answering enough questions to get them off. She was going in for the kill. “You were my first and only one-night stand.”


Her chest heaved, and she gripped the counter by her sides until her knuckles whitened. “Not a lie. I wanted you that much. Lose your pants, Anders.”

AboutTheAuthorOlivia Evans is a dreamer by day, writer by night. She’s obsessed with music and loves discovering new bands. Traveling the world and watching the sun set in every time zone sounds like heaven to her. A true Gemini, she follows her heart blindly and lives life to the fullest with her husband, son, and friends. Her other loves are: Chuck Taylors, Doc Martens, concert tees, gangster movies, sports, wine, craft beer and her shih tzu’s.

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