Fight or Fall by Anne Leigh

Author: Anne Leigh
Release date: 03/20/2014

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A disgraced athlete.
A tortured soul.
A man betrayed.
This is NOT your typical fighter story.
In this arena where fame and glory are at stake.
One man seeks to find the humanity he once possessed.
He fights not for honor but for redemption.
He lives by these rules.
For love.
Warning: This book is intended for readers 17 and older due to sexual situations and mature language.



Stepping forward, I extended my left fist all the way, lifting my left shoulder to stab him with a jab on his right jaw then quickly following it with a right cross to the left side of his cheek. Igor was no longer smiling; instead he looked like he was barely making it through the night. Earlier he looked like he was suiting up for victory, and now he was cloaking in his failure.
The temperature in the cube was now rising. One of the main components of the cube, which all the fighters have been briefed about, was that the temperature would rise and fall at random. How hot and how cold it would get was determined by a computer. It was supposed to calculate the extremes in temperature that us, the fighters inside, could tolerate without our bodies disintegrating and breaking apart. 
Igor was now squirming, his hands wrapped tightly around his waist and he could barely stand up on the giant-sized “Troudeau Enterprises” octagon-shaped logo in the middle of the gleaming white floors. If I was him, I would just stay down. The increasing temperature would weigh him down heavily. When there is a temperature gradient, heat transfers by conduction, meaning all his energy reserves would be depleted, and he would be unable to cool down on his own, thus creating more fucked-up scenarios for him. Yes, in my other life, I’m a mechanical engineer. Was a mechanical engineer, I should say. After the scandal, no respectable company wanted to hire me. My old boss, who used to be my number one fan, did not fire me directly, but while the animosity and disgust at my actions towards the country’s golden boy in swimming might not have been enough for me to quit my job, I resigned because I felt useless and not needed anymore. 
Scanning my present surroundings, I saw how the sterile, pristine white floors and the one-way mirrors added to the mystique, the uniqueness of this fighting cage, technically a cube. As if the whiteness of the surroundings would add purity, innocence to the brutality and harsh fury unleashed inside of it. No rules. The last man standing wins. Each of the corners of this enclosed fighting arena was a mirror to the savage nature that humans would pay to watch other people get hurt, beat up, or maybe even killed. 
I took my time approaching him. He was still lurching on the floor, sweating bullets tinged with crimson. He tried to pick himself off the floor, tried to stand up, leaning heavily on his right side. He weakly raised his left hand to his chest, an act of defiance, clenching his fists, ready to attack again. He was not giving up. 
I wouldn’t either. 
The name of the game was three million dollars.
(Amazon Best Selling Author of the Unexpected Series)
Anne Leigh is a 30-something-year-old who refuses to let the calendar dictate her age. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s degree in Nursing. She likes to write about strong women and equally strong guys who grapple with their emotions when faced with something as intangible as love.
She lives in Los Angeles with her husband. With her crazy schedule, she gets frustrated at L.A. traffic and needs an escape to keep her sanity, which her characters provide.
She did not think of publishing her stories and when she finally did, she’s truly appreciative of every, single person who found the time to let her characters become parts of their world.
She appreciates all the readers who leave kind comments/reviews on where they purchased the book because without them, all her stories would remain locked up in her computer.
 Love Unexpected (Book 1)
Love Unmatched (Book 2)
Love Untouched (Book 3)
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